At some New York City public schools, the PTA can raise hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to supplement state funding. That money pays for additional teachers, staff and enrichment programs. Those resources can make a real difference to kids’ educational outcomes but in Title I districts like D17, our kids don’t get those same benefits.

Here’s how you can help the schools in our community:

Support District 17 schools via DonorsChoose. Here you’ll find requests from public teachers for resources they need in their classrooms. District 17 teachers: Help us promote your project by adding it to the Live Here, Learn Here page. (Don’t know how to use Donors Choose? We can help you create a project and use the site. Email us for more information.)

Support the Campaign for Fiscal Equity and encourage New York State to make good on the $3.9 billion that’s owed to city schools.

Make a donation to Live Here, Learn Here. We are an all-volunteer organization, and all the money we raise goes toward community programming to support public schools and to support the schools themselves.